Quality Policy Statement

It is the aim of Sorohan Electrical Services Ltd to provide its customers with a quality service. In order to meet customer needs and expectations, a Quality Assurance System has been implemented through the use of a management led control system. A dynamic approach has been developed in order to meet our customers ever changing needs and requirements.
The directors and staff of Sorohan Electrical Services Ltd have the responsibility of ensuring that all parts of the company carry out their commitment to the Quality Assurance System. The documented Quality Assurance System is maintained through the management functions and it is mandatory for all staff to adhere to the agreed procedures and to support the drive for excellence.
Sorohan Electrical Services employs a management structure which develops authority and responsibility for quality assurance and customer satisfaction. There is a dedicated management representative who has responsibility to establish and maintain the documented Quality Assurance System and is charged with ensuring its continual improvement.
The Quality System has established procedures for  regular quality audits, which review and report on Sorohan Electrical Services quality and recommend action to be taken to prevent the reoccurrence of a problem, identifying where appropriate any additional resource requirements. The quality co-ordinator monitors and measures performance against stated objectives and is responsible for ensuring the company policy is communicated to and understood by all members of staff.
In order to offer our customers the most efficient service regular reviews of existing standards are undertaken to ensure that Sorohan Electrical Services are providing the current expectations of the market.
Customers are our focus and whilst we have internal expertise and procedures to correct  and prevent problems arising we welcome our customer's comments so that we may further improve our systems and satisfy our customer's requirements.

Pat Sorohan
Managing Director